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Latin American Studies focused on Chile

A new fifteen-year research on the first
colonial family of Chile revolutionizes
 Chilean historiography

    Are you interested in the fields of Latin American Studies, Holy Roman Empire, Spanish Empire or Hispanic Studies? Take advantage of this wonderful fifteen-year research in the main libraries and archives of Spain. The Lisperguer Wittemberg's were a prominent German family, protected by the Emperor Charles V, who thrived spectacularly in Peru, Chile and Spain. From this family derives Catalina de los Ríos Lísperguer, nicknamed "la Quintrala" the main literary topic of Chile, their particular Quijote, with many repercussions on their culture. You may access this work in this link  https://www.books2read.com/u/3RBjGD

This work, acclaimed by many academies and scholars, has been divided into two volumes: "Los Lísperguer Wittemberg: una familia alemana en el corazón de la cultura chilena" and "El conquistador alemán Pedro Lísperguer Wittemberg". This new research of the first colonial family of Chile may enrich and enhance the knowledge of all people interested in these interesting subjects. 

    Along with the well-known family success in Spanish America,   new documents found in Spain have made possible to advance considerably in what was known about this famous family, its development, its relations, its possessions and especially interesting, everything concerning its origin. 

Thanks to this, today we can have a well-formed idea of the origin and idiosyncrasy of this important colonial family, the origin of innumerable cultural relations in literature, the performing arts, history, social sciences and even popular culture. Don´t miss it! 

An exceptional case: a very special conqueror

As a way to understand the idiosyncrasy of the family and its later role in America, it is vital to read about the experiences of the conqueror Pedro  Lísperguer in Europe, near the emperor and his son Philip and other courtiers: 

To get a better idea of all this I invite to read the preface and the introducción of the work. You can also read an outstanding article that appeared in the prestigious magazine Atenea, a renowned scientific publication from Concepción University. 

Thank you!

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